Goodbye Rehab. Meet Ophelia.

Medication and support for opioid withdrawal, in the privacy of your home.


Quitting opioids is hard.

We get it. But rehab can be even harder. 
Your job, your family, your wallet, your privacy.

Turns out none of it’s necessary.

Ophelia brings treatment to the privacy 
of your home that’s 6x more effective
 than most rehabs on the planet.

It’s 20 years of science made friendly.

Suboxone literally saved my life. In my addiction 
I existed but didn’t live until Medication-Assisted Treatment.
- Rebekah H.

Recover at home with Ophelia

  • 01

    Meet Ophelia

    Meet at least once (it's the law), in the private office of your doctor

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    Get Medication to End Withdrawal

    Manage withdrawal, stop cravings, and prevent relapse with medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol

  • 03

    Recover at Home, For Good

    Recover at home, on your own terms, 
with support from Ophelia for life

Designed by two of the world's leading addiction specialists

Adam Bisaga, MD

Medical Director

Professor, Columbia University
United Nations, NIH, NIDA

Arthur Williams, MD

Medical Director

Professor, Columbia University

The science is clear.

Rehab fails 90% of the time when not followed by medication - which most rehabs don’t offer.

Ophelia is based on the gold standard of science, Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), proven to be 6x more effective than most rehabs out there.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Just ask us at

Who do I see on the first visit?

A certified doctor that is committed to our mission of privacy. By law, the first visit has to be in person.

Is the packaging discreet?

Absolutely. Privacy and discretion is our priority.

Can I get in trouble with the law?

No, America wants you to get well. We make sure that all the rules are followed on your behalf, so you never have to worry.

Can I be forced to go to rehab?

No, you will never be forced to do anything!

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